• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 3.1

Updated: May 22

Elizabeth Lowe, MP for Walthamstow and future Prime Minister, experiences the cold reality of parliamentary politics…


Parliament was cold. The winter draft is not the cause. Her cause though...

Lowe was low. She felt alone. The triumph was soon old, her movement too young.

Her campaign had won many supporters. Her ethics found many followers.

Her looks returned more admirers, unwelcome hounders and useful glamourisers.

But in an ancient woodland, friends hunt in packs. She was a lone wolf, or more a lone lamb.

No Party machine, no party on entry, there can be no party of one, that she lacked, and...

A grim office in the back end of the morass, and an assistant who constantly forgot her pass,

Give her friends honourable, even dishonourable, real or she’d take fake, but she had none.

Until they ingratiate, when an outsider gets inside, they find that an outsider they remain,

She had attacked their profession, their kind, she denounced their tribes, their games.

The flame of her fame was fueled on the reason that reason should reign; in her diatribes...

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