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A Revolution of the Times - Part 3.2

Updated: May 22

Elizabeth Lowe, MP for Walthamstow and future PM, proclaims her great speech for a political reform…


“The government of the people, for the people, by the people, will and can never be -

“When its people are not the government, this is no democracy, a demos engages everybody,

“The body politic should be formed of us all, rather than picking one body to be political for us all,

“The country is divided into six hundred and fifty groups of sixty to seventy thousand,

“The capacity of West Ham's or Spurs' stadiums, to elect one person to represent them,

“Pick one person from that crowd, every five years, to represent every other woman and man,

“Can one supporter from that stadium speak for you? They only represent each other when -

“Singing for the club as one, but expect one person to spend five years singing for everyone of us,

“To join the six hundred and fifty in parliament, representing people who’ve given up their trust,

“And then a hundred of them form the ministers of government, after a period of election mayhem,

“Whereby one party, one tribe, forms a majority and decides who will rule as Prime Minister, PM,

“Twenty three or so such ministers join the Cabinet, so they can run the highest offices in the land,

“Seventy thousand… for six hundred and fifty… for a hundred… for twenty three… and, one PM,

“Sixty thousand to one, four times removed to the PM, how’re we meant to have a say on them?

“How can any of you who vote for me, know me, trust me... you only believe me… why?

“I only speak to you once every five years? Why should you believe me? Why shouldn't I lie?

“It is hard to lie to seven people, it is easy to lie to tens of thousands, easier still every five years,

“And I haven’t even mentioned the unelected House of Lords, nearly a thousand ennobled peers,

“Stuffed to the brim, full of the prim and proper, or should I say dim and improper, an ugly oligarchy,

“At least some of them are not party hacks, chosen because of expertise not feigned loyalty,

“The Crossbenchers are at least real, just see who they are what they say, how they are picked,

“But the rest are a cabal, state sanctioned corruption, those that inherit and establishment pricks,

“We must stop this, we must bring the people together, overhaul the constitution, with committees,

“Selected like juries, with a series of citizen assemblies, restore democracy, end the ugly oligarchy -

“Of, at worst, the best liars, at best, well-intentioned pretenders, loyal not to people but to party,

“Stop the lies. Stop lying to ourselves. This is not a democracy. End this almighty tyranny of lies.

“Call a series of citizen assemblies, start the democratic movement, citizens assemble, stop the lies!

“Start the movement! Stop the lies! Vote to end meaningless votes. Vote now. Vote Lowe!

Vote me!”

See Part 3.3

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