• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 3.3

Updated: May 22

Lizzy Lowe, MP for Walthamstow, looms lonely in Parliament as she broods on her much mocked idea for citizen assemblies...


Solving everything with a series of citizen assemblies meant something different to everyone,

But that was precisely how Lizzy won, it offered all things to all men, she didn’t have the answers -

She told them, she wouldn’t pretend like those other chancers, but the citizens on the other hand -

Well they just might, “lets all take our heads out of the sand, join the movement - join the fight!”

She loved the campaign, it was such a rush, never mind the foot ache and handshake finger strain,

But in Parliament her spirit was crushed, MPs at the commons bar, accused her of being a populist,

UK’s equivalent of Italy’s Five Star, or anti-democratic autocrat, others called her a radical socialist,

She felt a loon, in a tin hat, and alone, until she met Hugh, who was too ignorant to realise -

Just didn’t have a clue - there was nothing his clients would prize, from an independent MP,

Whose ethical code and morality, was her entire USP, the very essence of her candidacy,

But he reached out for a meeting, and she was naive - no political nous, so she greeted him -

Inside Portcullis house, an open glass meeting chamber, an actual goldfish bowl - if you can believe -

As you could find in Westminster, and the irony of it all, that the honest revolutionary Lizzy,

Could fall giddy and dizzy, for this loathsome prink, asking her out right there and then for a drink,

Where there were witnesses to their flirtations, but she didn’t think, just felt the heart palpitations,

If only Lizzy Lowe didn’t feel quite so lonely, and that phony fella not think her quite so comely,

Then Ed may not have later acted so boldly and had one of his cronies kill Hugh so coldly...

See Part 4.1

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