• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 4.1

Updated: May 22

Ed Bodkin, who can only remember the future, reflects on next steps for the revolution only he can see…


It was not easy for Ed to see amid the obscurity of his inverted memory,

How his gift to preempt the inevitable was an incredible opportunity,

He just didn’t contemplate how he could use it to win the lottery,

Pick horses, play the stock market, or become a celebrated augury,

It was not that he had no avarice or greed, nor a need for money,

But he only saw what he saw, as clear or as cloudy as memory,

And he never saw how to make his fame or fortune, only infamy,

Whether he acted to avoid, accelerate or enjoy his prophecy,

He was as informed by his future as we all are by our past,

Some things remaining on his mind and others didn’t last,

And knowing his direction he decided he had to act fast,

Lizzy Lowe had entered Parliament but was being outcast,

So he approached her at the pub and offered his forecast,

But instead of embracing him, she looked at him aghast,

Some things he just couldn’t see and it left him downcast,

Fortunately for him his memory of that incident went quick,

But it informed his instinct, thereon he expected her a sceptic,

So he waited to develop his ideas, ideology and his politics,

Before meeting her and insisting he’d be her psychic sidekick,

He attended a convention of a group meeting in Hackney Wick,

Where among the unconventional troop he didn’t seem a lunatic,

Taking to the floor he told everyone of problems yet to come,

Of tomorrow, months from then, those that hadn’t even begun,

Knowing not to say it was a premonition but of what would become -

If the government and the elites running it let the course run,

They asked who he was, “just a conscious man, cogito ergo sum,”

He returned a month later, with his predictions coming true,

And the group, a little bigger, asked him how come he knew,

“Just a wise man, I guess,” he shrugged, giving them no clue,

He repeated his prior insight and more meat for them to chew,

So when he came a third time his legend had started to form,

And he chose to substantiate a legend that had just been born,

Saying Elizabeth Lowe, of Walthamstow, she will bring a new dawn,

With that mention, over social media the lonely MP got attention,

Lowe was invited to their convention where they had a conversation...

See Part 4.2

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