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A Revolution of the Times - Part 4.2

Updated: May 22

Ed rambles about the past to inspire a revolution in the future that he can remember…


There is no wisdom in a crowd, they only make for rallies and mobs,

But this ancient so-called democracy, which is far more an oligarchy,

First of the aristocracy then of this lot of pathetic connected sods,

It cannot be saved by an autocrat, nor an enlightenment monarchy,

What do we even do with the monarch, stubborn bulwark,

That it is against too powerful or too petty presidents...

And your idea of citizen assemblies, how would they work?

They would need a clear goal, and there are no precedents,

Unless you use the example that is of the Estates General,

Called in France by the hapless King Louis to solve his crisis,

His state bankrupt from America’s war to become federal,

Ironically spending all his money on democracy’s re-genesis,

First Bastille, then war, and his funeral in seventeen ninety-three,

Some citizen assembly that was, guillotine, terror, then Napoleon,

Liberty, equality, fraternity, and war for a quarter of a century, We -

The people, how free they’d been since their Jeffersonian declaration,

At least the American’s had Washington, but Napoleon was a menace,

Is there in history a major revolution without tyrants, war and blood?

Bonaparte blew apart everything, Prussia, Dutch Republic, Venice...

The Dutch, the Republic of Venice… they were empires built on mud,

Yet defeated superpowers and traded with all of the known world,

Venice was a success for a thousand years, beat back the Ottomans,

The richest power in the Mediterranean, a swamp to a waterworld,

A Republic eclipsed only in the sixteen hundreds by the Netherlands,

In France the Estates General was called maybe once in an epoch,

A committee of nobles, the bishops, and representatives of the rest,

In the Netherlands the States General met daily, a constitutional rock,

Committee of seven from the seven provinces, united against unrest,

The United Netherlands should be a model for the United Kingdom,

A federal committee to approve decisions to maintain the old Union,

Senate of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England into subkingdoms,

The North, the South, the Midlands, and London as its own region,

But day-to-day government, that’s where Venice outdoes everyone,

The Doge was wise, powerful, incorruptible and yet accountable,

Every election of the Doge was designed so that the best man won,

An election so intentionally complicated that it’s almost unexplainable,

Starting a Great Council of the citizenry, elected by lottery, like a jury,

Of which thirty, chosen by random lot, are reduced again by lot to nine,

The nine then chose from the Great Council their favourite forty,

Who were reduced to twelve, who chose twenty-five, reduced to nine,

All by lot, this nine elected then another lot of forty five other councillors,

Reduced to eleven, who chose forty five, reduced to eleven to assign -

The final forty-one who elected the “His Serenity” the Doge, chancellor,

A Doge wasn’t enslaved to the caprices of populism, cronyism, or corruption,

Electing wise men such as the Orseolo’s, the Contarini’s, and Enrico Danolo,

The Doge led to good government for a millennium, a renowned institution,

Defending Christendom, leading victory in the tide turning Battle of Lepanto,

Instead we have indefensible officialdom and politics turned into Pantomime,

How did these Ministers get appointed? How did these officials get promoted?

And a Monarchy anointed by God in a country of non-believers, let's call time -

On it, all of it, Royalty, the Lords, MPs and parties, the Civil Service - so bloated,

We need a Doge running a competent administration in the name of the public,

Overseen by a citizen assembly, selected like a jury, a true House of Commons,

And a States General, selected by the regions, Lords that serve their subjects,

The regions can select as many as they like, however they like, as in Holland’s -

I mean the Netherland’s system, each region only has one vote, seven in all,

We can call the Citizen Assembly the House of Commons to not upset tradition,

The States General we can call Lords, and as for those that live around Pall Mall,

The Crown, the King or Queen, the Monarchy, doesn’t have to be put to abolition,

A Doge can be the King or Queen, transition to Monarch, be the Sovereign,

A Citizen Assembly as Commons, Lords from the seven subkingdoms, and a Doge,

To wear the Crown, elected similarly by umpteen committees of Commons and Lords,

No need for votes, campaigns, nationalist appeals to the Thistle or Rose,

Nor inherited Kings, Knights, Bishops and party pawns on this Chess Board,

Checkmate the establishment’s tyranny, let's establish a good government,

Lizzy, be my Queen mate, support this pronouncement, spread this word,

With your encouragement it might be heard as we merge our movements,

If you do you'll be elected PM, maybe even elected Doge Queen Elizabeth III.

See Part 4.2

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