• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 4.3

The future PM responds to what Ed said about ditching a king, going Dutch and becoming a Doge...


Wow, I thought you knew about the future, not the past!

What you think about citizens assemblies was all I asked…

I don’t want to be the Prime Minister, let alone the Queen,

I won’t want that to would happen in my wildest dreams,

I became an MP to raise a single issue - trust in democracy,

Not to campaign for the abolition of our historic monarchy,

A Doge I don’t know, a States General makes me feel unwell,

Everyone I meet in Parliament already tells me to go to Hell!

I guess my idea for a series of citizens assemblies was to debate -

The principles of our politics and encourage people to cooperate,

Make democratic government altogether better, more collaborative,

To all those people who all they have to say about it is derogative,

And your ideas whilst scary, maybe they do have a lot of merit,

Addressing one of my primary concerns that power is oft inherited,

Whether Crown, Peer, land and wealth, or a family dynasty, brand,

Do we need more Johnsons, Spencer-Churchills, even Millibands,

And you’re on to something by dispensing with five-yearly polls,

Their lies, the campaigns, the hate, brazen lies and mass eye rolls,

I would just refrain mate from any rave or rant, massive turn off,

We need to charm as many people as we can, disarm the scoffs,

Learn from what we can from the Toffs, do as they say not as they do,

There’s a reason for their place at the top, like I know this guy, Hugh,

In background he’s everything you all hate, but so difficult to dislike,

I know you guys have your principles, but make friends then strike,

If we’re going to do this, and if our movements are going to unite,

I’m going to need allies, including the middle aged, male and white,

This can’t just be a campaign that is targeted just at minorities alone,

This is about democracy, about government, about our country, home,

I need friends, country men, city folk, of all ages, beliefs, and races,

To get our shared ends, we must have a big tent that truly embraces.

[Part 5.1 coming soon...]

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