• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 5.1

A satirical political rhyme about Lizzy Lowe, the idealistic MP for Walthamstow, and Ed Bodkin, a bombastic ideologue who only remembers the future, who instigate the revolution Britain needs that she would lead and he would cause by recollection...

If history repeats itself, then the future rhymes: This is a Revolution of the Times.

... Actually this is Part 5 of A Revolution of the Times - for the Prologue see here and for Part 1 see here then you might have some idea what's going on (I say some idea...)

Part 5

The future PM gets sleazy as Lizzy uses Hugh as he uses her...


“I mentioned you at that meeting thing I went to,

“We must have a big tent that embraces, need the toffs too,”

Lizzy said, laying in bed, naked, next to Hugh,

Lying next to her, Hugh too in his birthday suit,

“You talked about my tent?” the brute’s voice acute,

“Lucky for you I’m passionate about your big tent...” The two of them went at it again, all afternoon,

Parliament had given a recess its assent,

Lizzy was hardly rushing to get back home soon,

Her kids were looked after by her mum, as usual,

She missed them but she felt she was on a mission,

Reclined for him, inclined her to be delusional,

That her goals and this affair were somehow in fusion,

Every euphoric quake, blissful pause, a reminder,

That she must give pause to the hateful opposing her,

A rejoinder to the men that sound and act like Hugh,

But she knew few look like Hugh or with tacts as huge,

While he leered, taking her shapes in, front and back,

She taking his shape in, firmly gripping her he came,

As she suggested his firm may gain if he backed -

Her senates if they were a front for private aims,

Putting stakes in her assemblies up for sale,

Was Lowe learning to lower herself to his level?

Yearning, she lowered herself to his waist level,

Not waste a moment to satisfy lust and sin,

This business a win-win, dual sexual bliss,

Sealing her movement the rich kiss of business,

He offers clients to run assemblies on contract,

Lowe knew they'd only pretend to reform the state -

Lowe knew they'd merely reinstate the status quo,

While Hugh gets mind blown, few quid, quite the quid pro quo,

But what he didn't know was that Lowe had planned -

Two separate assemblies, two sets of reforms,

To be put to the people on the voting form,

To end in a referendum for a new dawn,

One corporate led, the other by Bodkin's crew,

The twist, to bring-in Ed she needed to bed Hugh,

Believing, to fuck over those fucking over all,

She must fuck him over and over to overhaul -

The system, the elite, the so-called red and blue walls,

To get the ball rolling, she mustn't let them forestall,

Or was Lowe her own worst liar and just enthralled -

With the tall, dark and handsome Laugher, his demeanour,

The way he would feel her, see her, free her, empower -

By domineering, devouring, showing that glower,

Way of making her feel there's nothing else in the world,

Just like she unfurled her cause to restrain it all,

Succumb to might by being mightiest of all,

Then give it all to all those who didn't want it at all,

She leashed herself to that beau beast for release,

While Bodkin's beast would tame what Lizzy had unleashed,

Elizabeth Lowe felt power by letting it go.

See Part 5.2

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Ed Bodkin only remembers the future. As time and space unravel in a Westminster pub, he recalls the revolution that Britain is yet to have..

A satirical political rhyme about Lizzy Lowe and Ed Bodkin who instigate the revolution Britain needs that she would lead and he would cause