• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 5.3


Ed Bodkin sees the flames ahead and what they would burn down…

London's wick of history is licked by fire,

First flame from Boudicca's icy Icini ire,

Then came the terror of a unknown inferno,

One day they'd take old St Paul's and London Bridge whole,

Great structures not just twice charcoaled, but at least thrice,

Twelve twelve the extent of the scars were imprecise,

But a City shaken to the loss of so much life,

A scene re-seen years forth when the great fire was rife,

And the City's Cathedral's Bell finally fell,

City ruined, a baker's pudding, living hell,

After wars, great fires and plagues a grand renewal,

Prompting the long eighteenth century, an age fuelled -

By the slow burning flames of political reform,

Bookended by the Palace of Whitehall's firestorm,

And the blaze of the old Palace of Westminster,

Whitehall was remade for the administrator,

Westminster for elective representation,

The slow cooker form of democratisation,

An unruly island opened to speech and trade,

Rotten boroughs unmade, a Rotten borough made,

The fires came again, next through Blitz and brutal war,

Then the metaphoric blaze that Bodkin foresore,

For the mother of all Parliaments was invested -

With stinking Etonian pigs, hateful leftists,

And those who sit to sit, shout, pout, and flout the truth,

While Whitehall's posh servants work as if it's uncouth -

To rush to find a public problem and fix it,

Education, Covid, Cost of living, Brexit,

Bodkin had mooted in his talks what was coming,

Bodkin's book offered answers to his following,

Set fire to Whitehall, the Palace of Westminster,

Fire would sear the fair City, Lowe's fire would save her,

The seer said London will be burning yet again,

So his disciples thought it a matter of when,

A prediction that then prompted what was to come,

But the protest came, he saw this wasn't the one…

Yet in time, with the revolution, it would rhyme.

See Part 5.4

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A satirical political rhyme about Lizzy Lowe and Ed Bodkin who instigate the revolution Britain needs that she would lead and he would cause