• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 5.4


Kaylan is called to serve on one of the citizen assemblies prompted by the protests…

When it started it was rather manic, bit startling,

The panic was like a crack of public lightening,

The marches through Westminster frightening,

From Marble Arch to the Mall, marble arches -

By Trafalgar Square tainted by some vandal,

Screaming by the marble buildings of Whitehall,

Vulgar language n’all, MPs ignoring their call,

Turning Parliament Square into a riotous ball,

Burning effigies by the diocese of Westminster,

Including of the Chancellor and Prime Minister,

Who were brooding, hiding in Downing Street,

Unlike the so-called lioness of the north-east -

Of London, the tiger of Walthamstow High Street,

Who slapped down those who told her not go -

Face down the mob like she was a lamb or a doe -

Amongst the lions, Lowe knew what to do,

Stand in front of them and demand a new -

Constitution, so that the many and not the few,

Would have better life conditions and true

Politicians made up of citizens 'just like you',

But she demanded that they all stand down,

If she bound down to Ten Downing Street,

To speak for those who spoke with their feet,

Without conceit, meet with those smug elites,

And say the rug will be pulled from under them,

Unless Number Ten see what's good for ‘em,

And instigate a referendum following a ten -

Month public debate on the British constitution,

And end the demonstration without commotion,

And without the distraction of a General Election,

Which they would surely lose given that Lowe

Knew the news was a clearly a loud precursor

To their overthrow, so to not make things worser,

Or confuse things any further, Lowe oversaw -

The PM become the instigator of his downfall,

And Kaylan got a call to partake in the overhaul,

The PM proclaimed two separate assemblies,

To game the outcome, two separate possibilities,

To put to referendum, one led by a consortium,

Including corporate allies, he could trust them,

To not bring these reforms to a real conclusion,

Their appeal seemed to be to create an illusion,

That anyone could partake, causing confusion,

As at their roadshows to invite contributions,

To devise on the United Kingdom’s constitution,

Instead they were sold all kind of subscriptions,

And having to give their details to companies,

In order to have a pretend say on our democracy,

These everyone assemblies were very jazzy,

But they were proving nothing in life is free,

Kaylan ignored ‘em, saying “this thing’s not for me”,

But then she heard about the second assembly,

Which seemed to be really rather extraordinary,

Because it mixed intellectuals with the ordinary,

People like Kay would serve as judge and jury,

On the revolutionary ideas to reform the country,

And suddenly she was summoned to do a duty,

Speak freely, as part of an empowered citizenry,

Be the antithesis of an MP and discuss jovially,

Find agreement in unity, not quite unanimity,

But harmony, it was sold it quite wonderfully,

Then why did she feel so unhappy, just empty…

See Part 5.5

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