• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 5.5

Part 5.5

Kaylan turns against the citizen assembly she is summoned to…

Clearly I'm here as an minority and a majority,

Selected for my ethnicity and my femininity,

From an ordinary place, right age, right race,

I am the colour of my face, my marital state,

Not a trace of the real me really necessary,

An algorithm has spoken, decided my fate…

I am no token, nothing a stat can determine,

If that is why I am heard, that's the problem,

The system's broken because I'm a number,

If the cause is to fix it, then you gotta wonder,

Why I'm made to feel like I tick some damn box,

Why I'm made to feel like -

Why I'm made to feel like -

Made to feel -

I miss him so damn much,

It makes me so damn cross,

Such a loss, such an ache, so alone, so empty,

The way he knew me, made me feel, laugh,

The way he know how to lick one's damn box,

Such a boss, such a ache, a moan, such plenty,

Fucking Ed Bodkin, he left me in such a tailspin,

And now i'm throw-in to his fucking citizen thing,

Can't escape him, debating his ways to reshape -

Britain's constitutional landscape, he's written -

A book that sets out this political earthquake,

Of course people mistook his plans for Lowe's,

That politician who everyone loves, such a fake,

Make no mistake, I know Lowe is only for show,

Pretty as a beautician, or a magician's assistant,

She is merely a persistent magician's assistant,

Bodkin's round boobed and round butted buttress,

To those boobs who butt against his designs,

His masterly lines he refined, she just re-outlined,

But they say it is she who has the great mind,

They say she is so kind, so authentic, so Hellenic,

When he's kinda out of his mind, a schizophrenic,

But they're blind to my Ed, don't know his head,

But from what I've read it's she who's two-faced,

Lowe is just the winsome front to make Ed's case,

Lowe used her front, her face, to take my place -

At the brunt of his attentions, so his affections -

Left me, it is all because of Lowe that I am alone…

I can't let that go, I'm angry to such a degree,

When her plans are before me in the assembly,

Lizzy Lowe will hear me say absolutely no, no, no.

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