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A Revolution of the Times - Part 1.2

Updated: May 22

Ed Bodkin, who only remembers the future, tells Lizzy Lowe she is to be the next Prime Minister and by doing so triggers the affair that would help get her there...


Elizabeth Lowe, MP for Walthamstow, who would become Prime Minister,

The lover of Hugh Laugher, laughably pronounced lawyer, a failed solicitor,

Whose wife was to be mother of a child that he too was to-be the father,

Whilst his career he owned to his own father, in-so-far as Ed could gather,

For rather than working harder, Hugh Laugher traded off his Dad’s contacts,

To build a client list that consists from those the family name could contract,

It went through Ed’s head that Laugher’s intentions were rather lamentable,

And little to laugh about, for it was surely not completely inconceivable,

That Hugh deceived lovely Lizzie that he thought her completely adorable,

When really, Hugh would do things she would have find deplorable,

By using her good name, and their bad deeds, to his own ugly ends,

Whether trading on their liaisons was what Hugh from here so intends,

From the onset of this early encounter, was not clear, yet he offended –

Ed from this moment on, Ed knew all the moments that were to come,

He knew that Hugh would boast how he makes Lizzy, PM to be, cum,

He could see what Hugh would become, a cad, a rake, a reprobate,

It resigned Ed to his fate, of what he would do for Lowe’s sake,

Out of fear Hugh would use as bait, pictures of the PM naked,

To which people might masturbate, such was this wicked dickhead,

He might even hint at further snaps of the PM giving his dick head,

So a rumour could spread, from he said, to she said, and they said,

For Ed knew that Hugh might give weight to such a lurid claim,

To lure clients, embellish his minor fame, play that dirty game,

And so Ed played his own game, to secure Lizzy Lowe’s reign,

As PM, not now or then but for when the time surely came,

Ed therefore thought that Hugh’s time must henceforth be up, over,

So Ed sought a contractor, one who could terminate Lowe’s lover,

Just as Hugh thought he was about to make it, revel in it, rake it in,

From selling his sinful secrets to those that could exploit his sin,

Or sin to be with the lovely Lizzy, who'd betray her wedding ring,

So Ed Bodkin approached the pair, too aware of the fate he dared,

By warning them the consequences of their unconsummated affair,

By making them aware, that future Lizzy would have to grin and bear,

The tragic death of the man that would make her feel alive again,

For the tedium of life and sex, made her tire of men up until then,

But with Hugh Laugher she succumbed and entered the lion’s den,

For he made her cum, not if, not maybe, but when, that is in bed,

But for that he would be knocked dead, by a bus the coroner said,

A tiny epitaph she'd read, on the back of a paper she was on front,

Lizzy Lowe of Walthamstow, grieving whilst taking the full brunt –

From a backfired campaign stunt, her c-word snap out of keep,

For Lowe would be accused on a daytime TV show of being too weak,

Tired, overwhelmed by what was happening, while bristling with grief,

Her lover gone, nobody would know, and the man next to her the thief,

Ed too was to be on that front page, he too news for their shared belief,

She the leader of their cause, he the articulator in a tome he wrought,

Or would, or thought he would, believed he would, knew he would,

Ed Bodkin the inspiration for a revolution because he knew he could,

Lizzy Lowe the instigation of a movement because she knew she should,

Tonight their first meeting, in this grotty venue, its tatty menu and seating,

Ed would introduce himself to Lowe, and so also Laugher – albeit fleeting,

And in keeping with his righteous intentions, would reveal his premonitions,

But before he did, for he knew what would happen from his intuitions,

He felt Hugh Laugher’s denigration, for Laugher laughed wholeheartedly,

Which Ed took to heart, such was his sensitivity and susceptibility –

To the vilification of an outright bully, which in turn turned Ed to be fully –

At ease with the decision he would make, fully determined to forcefully –

See through the reforms he set out in the book he was as yet to write,

Using the full power of Lowe’s yet to be seen remarkable political might,

Even if it meant Hugh having to be put out of sight, he knew it was right,

But he needed Lowe then to know something of his incredible insight,

So he left her with an auspicious calling, saying – “I see our Zeitgeist.”

See Part 1.3

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