• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 1.3

Updated: May 24

MP for Walthamstow Elizabeth Lowe, after her encounter with Ed Bodkin who can only remember the future...


The man appeared almost ordinary,

The man had spoken wackily, wildly,

Saying they both would soon run the country,

Reform the country, change how things were done,

His premonitions of what was to come,

Had an earnestness of sincerity,

And to convince her, with an assured air,

Said her husband was having an affair,

“The receptionist, at his GP surgery,

“Embarrassing you at your MP surgery,”

“And the two of will be caught together,

“Hurting you Lowe, Hugh though gone forever...”

Laugher laughed, “he's a loon”, Hugh dismissed,

But then it was uncharacteristic,

When her husband went to "watch some cricket",

And suggested she stay in Westminster,

He was a good man, doctor, no monster,

But they had long started to drift apart.

Since her election, before it started,

Protesting politicians pocketing –

From the procurement of a project,

A new causeway was a cause celebre,

Lowe took to social and local media,

Instead of doing what was easier,

By ignoring it, helped by an intern,

Straight from university, who in turn,

Had taken to his boss quite the fancy,

Was new to the big city, a "fitty",

He played hockey, so lean yet so muscly,

And after their election victory,

Well, things got just a little bit frisky,

They had a celebratory whisky,

Which warmed and loosening them up to kiss,

First on the lips, then hands move to her hips,

Soon she was against the wall, then the floor,

On the desk for a valedictory,

He was hot, and they had a chemistry,

So she didn’t blame her husband really,

She envisioned his fling all too clearly,

Lizzy had made him mistrust, a cuckold,

And his mistress was a flirt, she'd been told,

But surely this wouldn’t be cause for divorce,

For that she’d actually have to get caught…

And then came Ed's crazy insinuation,

Causing laughing Laugher's instigation,

Flirting and fuelling the situation,

“The thought he might be right is exciting,”

“Even tempting,” said Lizzy Lowe, smiling,

The tension was biting, so enticing,

It had started outside with a smooth kiss,

It finished inside her flat, with rough bliss,

Urged on, from Ed Bodkin's revelation,

For his predictions brought on such passions,

Every thrust a lust for revolution,

She went on with those erotic motions,

Entwining with her political role,

So her affair would dictate her grand goals,

Elizabeth Lowe, the MP for Walthamstow,

Future Prime Minister, leader of the -

Uprising, redeemer of Westminster.

See Part 2.2

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