• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Part 2.2

Updated: May 22

Introducing the lover of Ed Bodkin, who can only see the future, Kaylan...


Kaylan was waiting, for she adored him,

Bonkers Ed Bodkin, whose gift blew her mind,

Saving Kaylan from her life’s daily grind,

Offering a watershed, a lifeline,

When they met, her eyes were wet, she was upset,

Leaving the vet, after losing her pet,

Her cat, no longer on his mat, last pat,

Last nap, she wondered just how it was that -

The nature of its dependence on her,

Its independence limited by her,

Meant the transcendence of her love for it,

Like it was a child of her own, dammit,

It made her house home, now she was alone,

Seething grief, nature the ultimate thief,

The snatcher in-chief, so then the relief,

As Ed Bodkin said – “your cat may be dead –

I will become your love and joy instead,”

Her eyes shred their red with the prediction,

The dereliction of hope, her condition,

Melted in an impassioned fission,

The pair had crossed paths in St James Park,

Blossoming and fair, where ducks and swans larked,

Yet she was dark, as he made that remark,

The unlucky one confessed her sorrow,

Ed said “past is where from pain we borrow,

“I luckily see only tomorrow,”

Cupid’s crossbow, a sudden attraction,

Chemical reaction, or sensual,

More likely it was intellectual,

Their energy was to be consensual,

Eventually, it'd be sexual,

To know the future was an adverse curse,

But when it came to sex it could be worse,

Immersed, it took them time to reach that stage,

Time for grief to assuage, eyes to engage,

And then damn, this not-so old maid got laid,

From his compulsions, knew what propulsions,

Caused what repulsions, and what convulsions,

He knew what turned her on more that she did,

When to be rabid, and when to forbid,

Like the time she took a fine, after a -

Premature recline of the spine, after -

A mature dine just below the waistline,

Causing an unabashing teeth gnashing,

An unpermitted breach of the command,

That before he'd let her reach the promised land,

Her man had to reach out with his right hand,

Such was their bond, they were fond of bondage,

He the dom, the elder in age, bonded -

To him, this sage and his future knowledge,

What he could see made her feel free, feel strong,

Free from the prison of uncertainty,

Gave her liberty, which was freedom from,

So whatever he said she went along,

This dynamic, quelled any such panic,

They're no Rose and Jack of The Titanic,

Because what Ed did and didn’t know, although –

It was slow, weekly, they’d see a movie,

Usually he’d fancy somewhat “sci-fi-y”,

She’d want something funny, a comedy,

Ultimately, didn’t matter what they’d see,

For he could not remember it after,

During a film he would ball with laughter,

Before the funny scene even started,

But so she’d enjoy it, he didn’t spoil it,

But thereafter he just would forget it,

So after it she would then explain it,

The subsequent debate, jumped her heart rate,

And, when on a great date, he’d just dictate,

He might say to lie prostrate, masturbate,

Or to fellate, or to let him gyrate,

It was on expecting such connecting,

Walking in, he said something arresting –

“We're over tomorrow,” he said, his tone low,

Her face lost any glow, she said – “please no!”

His head shook, a sadness overtook him,

He said why for her he must forsook them,

“You will never be able to relate,

“That to allow me to achieve my fate…

“I must let myself feel a complete hate,

“You'd never be able to understand

“If I'm to offer my hand to the band

“Endeavouring to liberate this land,

“From the rich boys-and well-spoken women –

“Who run the place like it’s a toy to them,

“Fill this place with their upper class poison,

“The same peeps from the same schools, same peer pools,

“Pompous fools who believe they’re born to rule,

“Whichever party wins the election,

“They'd partly shift, feign a new direction,

“Remain in power, in-perpetuation,

“In their ivory tower, stagnation

“Opposite Ben, tintinnabulation,

“The bell-tower, after restoration,

"The Whitehall wallflower, unreal,

“In their unideal idolisation,

“Of their institutionalisation,

“Insurmountable, unaccountable,

“Inept, unable, but strong and stable,

“Senior civil servants, sneering serpents,

“Who serve no-one and no purpose, but themselves,

“Permanent Secretaries, go to Hell.

“Insipid, incestuous, inscrutable,

“An instinct to abominate the meek,

“Indoctrinate the weak, and always seek -

“To keep to their clique, reeking of,

"Insufferable bureaucracy,

“If I am to abolish this terror -

“Of the dishonest, I can't seek solace

“In the promise of your great affection,

“It’ll cause me such severe hesitation,

“Place such doubt on my sullen direction,

“You’ll suffer in my shabby reflection,

“I‘ll be subject of establishment ire,

“They’ll call me a liar for whom I hire,

“And for whom I fire, under my new job,

“I will be a lightning rod for the mob,

“Stoked by that damn institutional blob

“I take on, as I purge the whole damn lot,

“Of those that have allowed this place to rot,

"Don’t give one jot, for any but their own,

“They tax hard working people to the bone,

“Never let the poor buy a home to own,

“Who let politicians eat their own young,

“Except friends who also went to Eton,

“For all fools from so-called great schools are one,

“I will make me too many enemies,

“Life for me will be all too uneasy,

“I am sorry, the last you see of me -

“Is today, know what I feel for you Kay,

"Is more than words can ever say, but we -

“Cannot be, and now I must go away.”

She cried, he tried to comfort but inside –

His passion died, "you'll be alright" he lied,

But he knew not, he did not know her lot,

Any feeling he had held was forgot,

His memory of her had gone to rot,

She saw in his eyes, the absence, surprise,

Their void offering their own blank goodbyes.

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