• C. Peters

A Revolution of the Times - Prologue

Updated: May 22

A satirical political rhyme about Lizzy Lowe, the idealistic MP for Walthamstow, and Ed Bodkin, a bombastic ideologue who only remembers the future, who instigate the revolution Britain needs that she would lead and he would cause by recollection...

If history repeats itself, then the future rhymes: This is a Revolution of the Times.


On gothic spires gargoyles peer, beside a river where swamp rats and democrats leer,

A place of bells that mark time and choice, a place where power is nothing but your voice,

Two houses, never homes, one is sovereign but where a sovereign cannot not roam,

One chair, yet many seats divided, one speaker, yet many orators misguided,

A woman bestrode an ancient hall that saw the trial of its own king for treason,

Through the site of a chapel that wrote into law its own religion through reason,

Into a lobby that’s beauty is beguiled by its busyness and broadcasters biding,

Past bronzes of Maggie and Davy pointing, with Clemmie and Winnie presiding,

Into a house more barn, no - theatre, where each green bench was its own stage,

Her name was called, butterflies dance, insides churn, hairs raise, heartbeat rage,

This hall where wars have been declared, rebellions rose to governments overthrow,

The honourable Elizabeth Lowe, is announced as the member for Walthamstow.

See Part 1.1

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